Caring since 1999

I was born in Preston England, but spent my growing years on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and Guadeloupe.  I returned to London in 1997 and having developed a passion for caring for the sick, elderly and vulnerable in America for 7 years, it was my dream to become a registered nurse.

I am a qualified nurse by profession, with 13 years of experience.  I have worked in the adult Oncology unit for 8 years and in the Oncology department from 1999 first as a receptionist /Health Care assistance for 18 months.  I then moved onto the ward as a health care assistant in 2001. It was at this juncture of my journey that I was accepted in 2003 to start my career as a qualified nurse.  I developed a greater passion for the field and have met incredible people from all walks of life along the way. 

I took early retirement in January 2016, but after almost two years, I missed serving the vulnerable population.  I decided that there was still work to be done, the words service, empathy and compassion always at the front of my mind.  In 2017 I decided to re-enter the workforce as a carer, caring for patients both at the hospital and in home care. Caring for the growing needs of our community is a of vital importance to Louis Credentials Care.

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