Louis Credentials Care is obligated to providing its patients with comprehensive health care services, focusing my expertise namely in the care of Diabetes, Cancer which includes Breast cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Bowel cancer, Bladder problems, Strokes and Blood pressure monitoring. We are also driven to monitor and support the elderly to reduce isolation and to give them a sense of belonging in their community.  Our aim is to help people to listen to their body and to provide health and wellness guidance and recommendations that will be beneficial to them as individuals and to society on a whole. 

Our services will be taken internationally with our base mostly in the Caribbean where the health services are compromised.  We will liaise with and support patients, by being in partnership with the General Practitioner, the hospital and the wider Multiple Disciplinary teams of health care professionals. We aim to provide empathetic and compassionate care, maintaining honesty and integrity and being respectful of all cultures and individual choices.

We are obliged to ensure that all information you share with us is confidential and will be kept securely.

Covid-19 Guidance

We follow very strict covid guidelines, please click the link to read more.


Dear, Sister Jesicar.
Why can't you be permanent staff on the ward? Because you are GOOD for everyone. I cannot forget the love that you had for me, that after five weeks of not having what we call a shower, you came and rescued me...
Jesicar went from strength to strength. Even in her first year of study, the patient care and professionalism she displayed was that of a more senior student nurse. She consistently works as a team player, is diligent, thoughtful and caring.